Cam Steele


39 y/o verified cashmaster. Making geriatric men’s lives a living financial hell but females are welcome too. $Cameo317

Shot these to the Old Fucka while I was out spendin his money today 🖕🏼🤑❤️

Fuck this shit! I’m gearing up for dinner with the Old Fucker!

Been too busy for you losers lately. Doin my best work off of here. #findomlife

Shout out to the sub that sent $100 today. Best thing he ever did. This is what I thanked him with…

Sick as fuck with sinus bullshit. Gonna feel better by fucking up the Old Bastard’s bank account.

Apparently I have a sub that has a CPAP fetish 😳

It’s Sunday Worship you losers. You should spend your Sunday worshiping me. The church doesn’t need your money but I fucking deserve it. $Cameo317

It’s been a long and stressful week. Made $350 though 😁

Let me crush your face with these wide ass feet while you give me what I deserve!

Who wants to send me $275 for a garage door bill? Go ahead and send me $450 because I fucking deserve it!

About to hit the mall to spend my allowance. He wanted to take me out for lunch but I was not in the mood.

Okay losers! I need $250 to replace the spring in my garage door! Who’s paying? It’ll be the best thing you ever done in your life!

I need a few iTunes gift cards you losers! My music library is getting old!

Who’s paying for my weekend? Drop your wallet while you’re down there.

Who’s face can I smother these wide feet into after a long ass day at work? #footdomination #alphafeet

I’m snowed in losers. Who’s got a wallet I can fuck up with an online shopping drain? #FinDom #financialruination #humanatm #walletrape

It’s Worship Wednesday and Hump Day, losers. Worship this ass and send! $Cameo317

Which one of you losers wants to reimburse me $365 for repairs on my convertible?

You’re fucking pathetic. You can’t even read the instructions right. Send THEN message.

He tried to order me flowers for Valentines Day but I told him Uh uh, I’ll take the 💰

I don’t care that your rent is due soon, payday to me is today.

What’s move important, bills or paying me what I deserve? The latter. Exactly.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re broke! Not my problem! Give me what I fucking deserve!

The bar is in hell and I still expect too much from idiot men

And in case you didn’t know, I don’t care. I only take.

130 followers. You Simps know what to do. $end $1.30/13/130/1300 to $Cameo317