D/s you have built with Her, in ALL YOU DO, being the reflection of HER, and your D/s that She so truly deserves, is a vital part of the trust exchanged within the dynamic.
A sub should never strive to just be a "good" submissive, he should strive to be Her BEST submissive and Honor Her always.

Shot these to the Old Fucka while I was out spendin his money today 🖕🏼🤑❤️

Been too busy for you losers lately. Doin my best work off of here. #findomlife

My new place has those sliding mirrors for the closet who wants a pic

Shout out to the sub that sent $100 today. Best thing he ever did. This is what I thanked him with…

Been too busy for you pigs living my best life but came by to say look at this butterfly on my head

Sick as fuck with sinus bullshit. Gonna feel better by fucking up the Old Bastard’s bank account.

Apparently I have a sub that has a CPAP fetish 😳

So I feel unfortunately that this site is

A) pretty dead
B) has a massive lack of verification and therefore
C) has a lot of catfish/fake accounts etc.

Its a shame, it was a good idea :(

Starting my 2022 game of findom reimbursement bingo next week😀

Anyone want to join me in the shower? #showersessions #sellingcontent #FinDom #nudes

It’s Sunday Worship you losers. You should spend your Sunday worshiping me. The church doesn’t need your money but I fucking deserve it. $Cameo317

Does anyone want to play with this Nurse Goddess today? I ended up off work today and bored with nothing to do. No weak subs please. You should only be broke because I drained you 🤣
#walletdrain #FinDom #paypig #humiliation #findoms

It’s been a long and stressful week. Made $350 though 😁

Hoooooly shit has this past week been busy and stressful. Just a busy bee out here. Yet never too busy to drain, send me your life’s work, piggies.

Who will be the lucky #paypig #whalesub #finsub to pay $600 towards my new Samsung galaxy 22? Cashapp $girlnscrubs.

Who wants to send me $275 for a garage door bill? Go ahead and send me $450 because I fucking deserve it!

About to hit the mall to spend my allowance. He wanted to take me out for lunch but I was not in the mood.

Which whale is going to pay for this Goddess to have a pedicure this week? Also, why should you be allowed such privilege? I'm already cringing at the pathetic queries I'll have to sort through.
#pedi #pedicure #goddessworship #Goddess #paypig #whalesub #whale #FinDom #losersub #pamperyourgoddess

Okay losers! I need $250 to replace the spring in my garage door! Who’s paying? It’ll be the best thing you ever done in your life!