Deviant MasterB


Mature Intellectual CashMaster, Brat Tamer, Beta Owner, Footmaster, Photographer, Model, Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Entrepreneur

Been doing some Real Time Sessions so been absent a few days.
Don't think I don't see you lurking.
Here's something worth lurking over.
48 Free Access to my Premium Content.
Don't miss out Free to Approach until Midnight 17/10/2021

When I'm not giving Betas a purpose and an outlet to fulfillment I'm here, behind the Lens. Being a Photographer is an Empowering feeling. Taking a subject and bringing out the best in it. A lot like I do with my subs. All in a Days Work.
Yours Dominantly
A Master And A Gentleman

Another pathetic Beta tipping to enjoy and then endure and then execute a session. They come in 3's but it only takes one session to break most of them.
Approach for an Intellectual masterclass in submission and dominance with an articulate superiority as a twist.

Here's what hard work looks like.
Who wants to own these socks?
Could be yours....

Respect, Rapport, Transparency and Trust.
If you don't recognise these as the 4 Pillars of FinDom you're a fucking fraud.
Stop wasting your submissive money on pretenders and approach your True Master.
Yours Dominantly
A Master And A Gentleman
#cashcuck #cashpig #sissypig #Alpha

A LOT of findom is trash. Women selling themselves way short & not having boundaries. Men who are not at all submissive, almost all scheming to jerk off, & too many of those trying to get that for free. Mind-numbing # of camgirls stripping out of wetlook leggings, accessorizing with Amazon props, and designating that 'Domme'. No understanding of dominance or submission on either end. Much talk, not much walk.
None of that speaks to me. Subs will contact me, subs will worship me how I like to be worshipped, and subs WILL pay me. again and again.

A Delicate Blend of Alpha Aesthetics and a Cannabis Theme make up the ingredients for your Teaser Tuesday.

Challenging the Alpha Dom Stereotypes in a Domme driven industry.

If you're looking for a Jekyll and Hyde Alpha to penetrate your cerebral I'm waiting.
#alphadom #alpha420

Monday. 😈

Or as its now known...

"Manscape Monday" 💪

Appreciating the Muscles, Toning and Aesthetic of the Alpha Form.

Master B has the time and tolerance to adopt more Submissives, Brats, Little ones, slaves, cucks and sissys.

If you're lacking fulfillment in life and crave purpose simply Like This Post to start a conversation with your new Master. It's that simple.

No Copy and paste messages just conversations indulging into the dark side of the mind.

Yours Dominantly
A Master And A Gentleman

Submitting to an Alpha Superior is not a choice. Its an impulsive desire to live a life of servitude and worship.
You earn to create a better life for me.
Send, Submit and Obey.

If you've been here a while you'll know Sunday is Master B's Day Of Rest.
That means I'll be around all day at home editing client photography and keeping you all entertained.
If you've been tempted to reach out today is the day to do so.
If you're already beneath me....send.

A rare day off for me today.
Who's going to help add a bit of pocket money to my day of rest? Send for a treat in your DM.
I'm creating a fuck ton of content for my subs later woke with the horns throbbing and feet twitching. Would you like to be beneath these?
#Alpha #domdaddy

Dirty, Sweaty, Smelly, Coarse Feet with Dry Skin, Rock Hard Balls and a burning desire to be Worshipped from beneath them.
Approach and join Dmpics01 and johnfag11 in submitting to your new Owner.
Retweet this you might get a surprise. You might not also.
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A Master, A Controller, A Gentleman, A Father, A Commander, A Grafter, An Alpha, An Intellect, A CashMaster, A Footmaster, An Owner, A Companion, A Purpose, An Entrepreneur, A Photographer, An Elite. Why submit to many when you can submit to one and get all of the above?