Goddexx Althea


Nonbinary💫QUEER AF🌈 WITCH🔮 🤑🐖FINDOM🐖🤑 🪢RETIRED PRO DOM⛓ 💳Golddigger💰🏡Homewrecker💣 💷💳 is My love language💸 £GoddexxAlthea

If you ask Me for blackmail I'm just going to scam you 🤷🙃🤑🤣🤣🤣
#scamfetish #FinDom

Date night

Time for some iZombie, fat bong rips, naked cuddle puddles and multiple orgasms with My GF
We have a new toy to try 😈

Silently Send like the pathetic cuck you are


#fincuck #FinDom #cuckold #GoddexxAlthea

Breastmilk for sale.
Fresh or frozen
Posted (UK Only)
or Pick Up
(North East England)

I'm queer as fuck.
I literally only view men as walking wallets/human atms
My GF pleasures Me in ways in you can't even imagine. And YOU like to pleasure Us with your money 🤑🏧💸😈💦

#fincuck #queerdom #gay #lgbtqia #FinDom

Once you approach and are given payment info... the countdown begins
And I have a £500 unblock fee ⏰⏳🙃🤑🏧😈💸

Who wants to play pokemon go?

Fellow Dominants/spicy workers msg Me for trainer id

Subs, of course this is privileged info behind a pay wall 🤑💷

Daily Reminder
Men are nothing more than walking wallets to Me

Who is ready to do some poppers and have their wallet drained 😈🤑💷
Relapse. For. Me.


#forcedintox #poppers #FinDom

I am about to commission a new custom bong.
I've been researching artists/creators for months to find the perfect fit
And I think I've finally found them

Which lucky dearie will be funding My gorgeous new piece?

Will be a minimum of £700 when we include postage
Inspo pic

London was OK
The cashpoint meets and some of the food was worth the quick trip.
But I'm defo ready to get home.
Debating packing up and driving home now instead of like 8hrs

Join My FinDom FB Group

Dominants must verify with Me by providing a photo with their name and today's date, no filters etc
And proof they are ID verified on at least one adult website

Subs must pay a one time fee to prove they are not timewasters

And all questions must be answered correctly


I want your blood and I want your soul. and I want them both right now....


Amazon UK, Shein UK, Etsy or Killstar GC

#horror #vampire #vampyre #goth #FinDom #paypigs #GoddexxAlthea #nonbinary

Late night/early morning tributes are always nice

Someone has been silently purchasing from My wishlists again 🥰

A new pokeball grinder just arrived. (My previous one broke)

My dude is delivering My cannabis today
Reimburse dearies
Or send Amazon UK/Shein/Etsy GC

Shopping on shein uk for lingerie

Send GC to goddessalthea420gmail.com