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Pro/FinDom 10yrs experience Fat Femme They/Them

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Still have the plague
Had to send out for coffee and brekkie.
To exhausted and weak to cook

I just spent
£85 on luxury Mexican take away



My husbeast just tested positive for covid

They are isolated upstairs waiting for Monday to roll around so they can maybe get some antibiotics

I'm using retail therapy to treat my anxiety about the whole ordeal
& you're paying for My retail therapy

#fincuck #cuckold #findomcouple #fuckcovid

Been up since 6am working and just had coffe & brekkie from McDonald's delivered
Reimburse dearies
£25 (incudes a tip for the driver)
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I have 3 in person sessions left before I retire!

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A D/s relationship can be one of the most fulfilling, life altering and beautiful relationships O/one will ever experience.
When 2 come together, form a bond on trust, communication, honesty, loyalty and desire. What is possible can be limitless, and the growth BOTH can have within themselves is tremendous.
You learn more about yourself through the other and serving a Dominant; completely;
sacrificing for Her, celebrating Her, and serving Her with all you have and are is an opportunity in self exploration.

D/s you have built with Her, in ALL YOU DO, being the reflection of HER, and your D/s that She so truly deserves, is a vital part of the trust exchanged within the dynamic.
A sub should never strive to just be a "good" submissive, he should strive to be Her BEST submissive and Honor Her always.

She is a Goddess, your Goddess, so reflect upon the impending new year ahead, reflect upon ALL you want to/will do for Her, what you will give, the more you will devote, the deeper you will worship Her existence

what you do for Her, you are doing for yourself, when you give of yourself, freely

Female/Femme finsubs are soooo fucking hot 🔥♨️🥵🥵🤑🤑💦💦

The bar for men is so fuckin low its located in Hades

Do better
Be better
Send silently
Be wholly devoted


There are so many fake "finsubs" on this site. I'd really like to know what the admin are going to about it.

Restocking supplies for My vanilla business
Great opportunity for subs who want to invest in someone/thing
Amazon UK £250
Etsy £325
Brambleberry £100
Shein UK £200

GC: goddessalthea420gmail.com

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Time for a snack, a cannabis infused coffee and the new episode of Call of the Midwife 🥰 will make a proper brekkie after my cleaner is finished in the kitchen

Yes I have a cleaner

Goddexxes don't clean house


Msg me for direct sales (cashapp/paypal)
Or to Spin My New Year, New Wheel prize wheel
(£5/ spin & every spin is a win)

*verified content creator*

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Woke up in extreme pain
So I'm starting the day/year with a cannabis infused
Chocolate Caramel Coffee

Happy New Year My fellow Spoonies


I love when idiots email Me about bookings etc from an email that can't be replied to or sends auto msgs about how it isn't monitored and they won't reply