Mistress ManEater


Sadistic FinDom, I get off seducing bois with My cruel, seductive charm If you're looking for your nuts there under My heels.

The 4th of July is around the corner My nails deserve to look nice & My hair requires a touch-up. You #piggies #subs #slaves #humanatms should be booking cash meets & subscriptions. You dont need your money however I Deserve it.

To apply Fill out an application located on My website the link is in My bio, once you have I will get back to you.

It's such a hot day again nothing would make Me happier than an excellent ice-cold coffee to cool Me down buy Me one.


Working out so I want $lient $ends today
cash app - $ILoveTacos1983
Venmo - MistressManEater
Paypal - Ilovetacos499

After working out socks had to come off and I had to walk on the cool concrete in the rain, your job LICK THEM CLEAN! A Goddess should not have to go around with dirty feet!

#FinDomme #footworship #dirtyfeet #footfetish

After My workout, My feet are all sweaty I know you #FootWorshipers would love a chance to play with these.

It's lunchtime & you have yet to $end for My food stop being worthless & serve your Goddess.

#FinDomme #finsub #paypig #humanatm

Sunday is a day of worship as you rest on your knees, & bow your head allow this mantra to wash over you.

As the day rises I will think of Mistress my body, my thoughts, & my soul are Hers to command. I will give all I have to better Mistress's life. I will strive to make my Mistress pleased. I bow to the Primal Power I bow to the all-encompassing power & energy I bow to that which Goddess creates I bow to the creative power of the ManEater, the Divine Goddess of Love & Pain.

$end offerings/favor/sacrifices

#FinDomme #findommefetish #finsub #findomslave #humanatm #cashcow #paypig

Thoughts of you begging to give Me your money while I give you wedgies & swirlies not only makes Me happy it also makes you so fucking pathetic just how I like my wallets. 😘

#finD #humiliation #degradation

Breakfast consisted of a liver mousse on an onion bagel/w a Chai Latte.

Lunch consisted of Sturgeon Caviar on crackers, Turmeric Ginger Chai/w ginger beer.

Eating as a Goddess should.

#FinDomme #FineDinning

I want Pure Financial Domination with a sub who serves & tributes because it's their role. You dont seek anything in return because you know your place is to provide for this Mistress, then & only then will I decide to reward you with treats for good behavior.


#FinDomme #financialdomination #GiveYourMoneyToWomen

Are you afraid people will find out you love giving strong Women your hard-earned cash? Let the Goddes of Love & Pain wash away any doubts.

In the mood to play
$5(per) spin the wheel-cbt/drain-3 levels
$10 Honest dick rating

#FinDomme #finsub #paypig

Dont waste your time on copy-paste Dommes instead give yourself up to one that likes to be outside of the box.

It's Sunday a day of Worship

I bow to the Primal Power I bow to the all-encompassing power and energy I bow to that which Goddess creates I bow to the creative power of the ManEater, the Divine Goddess of Love & Pain

Wisconsin WOC Dommes there is a new group on Fetlife for you, Dominant Females, male submissive/slave/switch-female led tg, cd, tv, ts, Female Identified Dominants, submissive of any gender subs feel free to join. Wisconsin WOC | FetLife

You’re weaker & weaker every day for this #mistress and you can’t resist what I do to you. Relapse & $end #FinDom

My canes came today 🥰I bought these canes from the UK, My new babies I have yet to name them. I want one of you to pay Me back why should I spend My money when yours works just as well.

Singapore Prison Cane 1.2m (13-14mm thick)-$65.00

Reformatory Dragon Cane Straight-$40.00

Junior Kooboo Cane Black Lambskin Handle-$20.00

overseas shipping- $25.00

Cash app, Venmo, Pay Pal

#findommes #Goddess #findommefetish #findommeworship #finsub #humanatm #cashcow #paypig

Let the Goddess of Love & Pain remind you who is in charge of your wallet!

It's My money & I want it now!

🔷 CBT 🔷 Cash meets 🔷 Foot/boot-worship 🔷 Humiliation 🔷 HairPulling 🔷 Face slapping 🔷

#FinDomme #findommefetish #findommeworship #HumiliationDomme #financialdomination #finsub #cashcow #humanatm #paypig #whalesub #cbt #footfetishnation

Oh look your dick is hard you owe Me money piggie

Your wallet is the only thing getting fucked today

#FinDomme #GiveYourMoneyToWoman #worship #walletrape

Going shopping is one thing all FinDommes Love to do well this Domme just picked up some cute outfits and I am willing to allow you to pay for them in partial or in full $198.88, contact Me for payment options or go above and beyond and find the links yourself and show how a good boi or gurl you are. Make the Goddess of Love & Pain take notice.
Pink Shoes-$80.00
Pink dress-$22.50
Black dress-$45.00
Studded Beanie-$16.00
Psycho Kitty Pierced Beanie-$25.00
Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App.

The main goal as a sub is to make sure your Mistress is pleased first! That does not happen if you're only doing it to get something back to truly be worthy of one's attention you must serve because you need to be controlled. My happiness is your happiness once I see that is what you truly seek, making sure My subs are taken care of is a pleaser. I am Seeking a sub For online, in-person. Do you crave to be just an object to be used, seeking a Goddess to Worship & give offerings to? devoted to serving & pleasing Me?

Serious inquiries only! Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App.

Good morning little piggies it's early a great time for you to wake up and $end for breakfast I want a coffee & breakfast bowl $20 is fine for now.

As someone who loves to gain new information, I found this article very informative for people who are new to BDSM and not so new. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did it was written by a wonderful Pro-Domme by the name of Simone Justice


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