MsKitty Cash


Im disabled and I love taking out my frustrations on subby men and getting spoiled by them!!!

Giving to Her and watching How you, as Her submissive thrives, evolves and learns about yourself, and the things you never knew possible is the best feeling there is, only a few understand it

D/s you have built with Her, in ALL YOU DO, being the reflection of HER, and your D/s that She so truly deserves, is a vital part of the trust exchanged within the dynamic.
A sub should never strive to just be a "good" submissive, he should strive to be Her BEST submissive and Honor Her always.

She is a Goddess, your Goddess, so reflect upon the impending new year ahead, reflect upon ALL you want to/will do for Her, what you will give, the more you will devote, the deeper you will worship Her existence

what you do for Her, you are doing for yourself, when you give of yourself, freely