Joanna Noire


I'm a findom for over 30 years and I love to nest into subs brains, eating their thoughts and passions as a black widow she spider.

Feel my fishnet pantyhose... a lot of black and high heels to bring red and white over my #feet ... where are u now?

Today is my birthday. A lucky sub will get the chance to sign my contract and worship this...

Enjoying coffee... prepare to write down new tasks and rituals for my subs.. or for new ones..

Minutes before steping all over your face... barefoot.... you feel seduced due to my red nail polish...

Awesome feet massage.. it should have been one of you doing it... reimbursements?

Call me to feel weak and mesmerized...

Check my daily routine at

Always under me, begging and with your wallet ready to be drained.

I can hear your pay checques, trying to leave your wallets, wanting to escape and then ends into a linjerie shop, for fun 😜

A spell was caated. You dont know yet. Kneel down and drop your wallet.. i will mess all your thoughts 🤣🤣🤣

I will treat you exactlu this way... my toes will squeeze your tiny toy cock while your wallet will drip. 😝

Love to pull your strings and transform you into my perfect puppet.. squeal and beg to be noticed. Contracts available these days.