Supreme Brat Princess. Entitled. Deserving. Worshipped ALWAYS. Hot, young, blonde with online/RT experience. you exist to serve

So far...I'm disenchanted. And it's not ME. Anyone else?
Isn't there some base level of respect that men who consider themselves doms...haha...shouldn't be pestering Dommes in shared space--whether it be here, or via contact info posted here?
Here for subs, not for friends, and don't even fucking THINK about trying to run a limp-ass 'dom' game on Me. eyeroll eyeroll eyeroll

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A LOT of findom is trash. Women selling themselves way short & not having boundaries. Men who are not at all submissive, almost all scheming to jerk off, & too many of those trying to get that for free. Mind-numbing # of camgirls stripping out of wetlook leggings, accessorizing with Amazon props, and designating that 'Domme'. No understanding of dominance or submission on either end. Much talk, not much walk.
None of that speaks to me. Subs will contact me, subs will worship me how I like to be worshipped, and subs WILL pay me. again and again.

How do we search members? By location or interest. At all?

Where is the FAQ? What payment processor are you using, with the wallet option? What methods of verification does this site use?