Nurse Goddess


Native American thiccc Nurse. I can play nice, make you feel the wrath of a Goddess nurse, or be a Sugar Babe, the choice is yours.

In response Nurse Goddess to her Publication

Yep but I made a few bucks from sending him pics lol

Anyone want to join me in the shower? #showersessions #sellingcontent #FinDom #nudes

Does anyone want to play with this Nurse Goddess today? I ended up off work today and bored with nothing to do. No weak subs please. You should only be broke because I drained you 🤣
#walletdrain #FinDom #paypig #humiliation #findoms

It’s Sunday Worship you losers. You should spend your Sunday worshiping me. The church doesn’t need your money but I fucking deserve it. $Cameo317

Just for that pic alone you should send 25.00 Now Bitches

Let me crush your face with these wide ass feet while you give me what I deserve!

Which whale is going to pay for this Goddess to have a pedicure this week? Also, why should you be allowed such privilege? I'm already cringing at the pathetic queries I'll have to sort through.
#pedi #pedicure #goddessworship #Goddess #paypig #whalesub #whale #FinDom #losersub #pamperyourgoddess

Okay losers! I need $250 to replace the spring in my garage door! Who’s paying? It’ll be the best thing you ever done in your life!

Who’s paying for my weekend? Drop your wallet while you’re down there.

Once again it's Sunday Time to tribute the house of Mistress Honee! on your knee's Simp. #paypig #moneymistress #payyourprincess #FinDom #mistress

I get a great dinner, wine, appetizers steak and lobster you well your get scrapes and dog food😭. Don't forget a day at the spa I must look and feel my best. #FinDom #paypig #payyourprincess

I’m snowed in losers. Who’s got a wallet I can fuck up with an online shopping drain? #FinDom #financialruination #humanatm #walletrape

Booking tonight get your spot Mistress Nscrubs and I are doing Double Dom skype sessions

You’re fucking pathetic. You can’t even read the instructions right. Send THEN message.

I don’t care that your rent is due soon, payday to me is today.

Alright, it's paid day! I suggest you send, you know this Mistress is more deserving than you

He tried to order me flowers for Valentines Day but I told him Uh uh, I’ll take the 💰

Just spending my time and energy Humiliating you is not form of payment it is work for me how dare you want ME to work for free! So for all those who think this Mistress is. free Tribute before DM find out she is not

In response Nurse Goddess to her Publication

today was payday, do i dare send to BEAUTIFUL MISS NSCRUBS ??? will SHE CRUELLY & SADISTICALLY & MERCILESSLY expose me all over the net/web for being a pathetic wanking twisted loser ??? do i dare send ??? will i suffer horrible misery and torment by humiliating exposure forever without end for the remainder of my life ????

I can’t hear your broke ass over these cash app notifications

STOP asking for the most without a tribute. I will move your DM aside for the subs that send with no questions asked.