Nurse Goddess


Native American thiccc Nurse. I can play nice, make you feel the wrath of a Goddess nurse, or be a Sugar Babe, the choice is yours.

It’s Sunday Worship you losers. You should spend your Sunday worshiping me. The church doesn’t need your money but I fucking deserve it. $Cameo317

✨Who wants the pleasure of paying for me to renew my license 1 ticket 165.00 Cost to the man $75.00. You don't want your Mistress to walk, do you✨😘#paypig #FinDom #financialdomination #footworship

Just for that pic alone you should send 25.00 Now Bitches

Who’s paying for my weekend? Drop your wallet while you’re down there.

Once again it's Sunday Time to tribute the house of Mistress Honee! on your knee's Simp. #paypig #moneymistress #payyourprincess #FinDom #mistress

I get a great dinner, wine, appetizers steak and lobster you well your get scrapes and dog food😭. Don't forget a day at the spa I must look and feel my best. #FinDom #paypig #payyourprincess

I’m snowed in losers. Who’s got a wallet I can fuck up with an online shopping drain? #FinDom #financialruination #humanatm #walletrape

Booking tonight get your spot Mistress Nscrubs and I are doing Double Dom skype sessions

For 25 dollars plus shipping these Lilo&Stitch Ohana socks will be part of your fetish collection. I have currently worn them for 24 hrs with 8 hrs during my nurse shift. I will wear them again tomorrow during work. I was turned on imaging the man that would purchase these socks my feet graced....imagined him smelling my scent and him being turned on knowing they were made just for him. DM me if you are that guy, yes I am talking to you sir.

I treated myself because I deserved....but whoever pays me back for it had to pay double since they didn't pay before!