This Mistress is in need of a Mac specialist. My Mac has died, I need someone's help to retrieve my very important family stuff. This will be your gift to me or we can work something out. I can't just take it into a shop there is too much porn.😭

You know $lave how to show that you deserve it.... Tribute 💶💶💶

With that being said, of course I came back on the day of worship✨ Pay up fuckface.

I was on a self care vacation, not that I owe you an explanation but I’m now back and badder than ever.


you are fucking stupid
now go drink some water and punch yourself in the balls

if you on this site, you need to send cause clearly you're a sub unless you're a domme ofc


free task for you pathetic mutts
go follow my twitter serveyourladyV

Hello my worthless sluts. If you're on tiktok, go follow me.


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