In response Sarah Mitchell to her Publication

at GODDESSES fingertip that's where i belong, in front of HER with my face in the floor

Now accepting beta males and females who fit these categories!
If you desire to serve an Ebony Goddess and wish to pay reparations for your sickening ancestors behavior toward mine, even better!
Come see how it feels to be owned by Me!
#EbonyGoddess1993 #EbonySupremacy #FinDom #finsub #paypig #whalesub #Walletdrainer

In response Mistress Honee to her Publication

BEAUTIFUL GODDESS MISTRESS HONEE is the most CHARMING and ATTRACTIVE GODDESS ever....i am so fortunate to suffer for HER

Want to ensure I’m who you’re chatting with, check out my verification on my Twitter page:

Does your family know when you describe your perfect girlfriend you’re talking about me!💋
Too bad I’m out of your reach pathetic loser😜
Goddess by day, Devil by night💋
#FinDom #finsub #Ebonygoddess #ebonydomme #EbonyFindom

See these legs!
See that ass!
See my beautiful Ebony Skin!
Too bad you can’t have this betaboi! But I’ll allow you to look in my direction only if your wallet is fat enough to handle it!


In response Mistress Honee to her Publication

i owe GOD MISTRESS HONEE everything i own as SHE is my CRUEL & SADISTIC & MERCILESS GODDESS and is going to make me suffer exquisite humiliation for the rest of my pathetic life....nothing but torment and misery until my last breath. i am privileged to be HER property

In response Rose Meadows to her Publication

i may very well suffer extreme humiliation through widespread exposure all over the net/web for the BEAUTIFUL GODDESS in this pic, MISS ROSE, hopefully SHE is as CRUEL & SADISTIC & MERCILESS as SHE is PRETTY as the exposure will hurt all the more...

In response Mistress Nscrubs to her Publication

BEAUTIFUL GODDESS MISTRESS NSCRUBS, is going to help BEAUTIFUL GODDESS MISTRESS HONEE to expose me to the world for being a pathetic wanking cocksucking loser.....

I have 3 in person sessions left before I retire!

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