I will be in Manchester next weekend and available for cashpoint meets

£250 deposit

#cpm #cashpointmeets #FinDom

Cashpoint meets available in Durham & surrounding areas (UK)

£250 deposit


I want Chinese food for dinner (lunch)

Silently Send, dearies


justeatsuk, uber eats uk or delivered UK GC

£10 task assignment

Choice of gentle/nurturing or sadistic/punishment

Amazon UK or etsy GC

Just ordered late night Mickey Ds for Me and My GF

Reimburse dearies

We are going to get stoned, have some snacks & orgasms and watch Netflix while We laugh at how pathetic you are

Wake n Bake


Amazon UK/Shein UK/Etsy GC

Time for some more orgasms

Silently Send dearie
while I loudly cum 🥴💦🤣

I just came SO HARD & SO FAST

Time to hydrate, & drink a cannabis infused caramel latte
And then have some more orgasm


A dear friend of Mine died on Friday night.😭😭
After a long battle with liver disease and a failed liver transplant. I am grieving HARD and using retail therapy to cope. 😭😭🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍
I'm also looking to be entertained and take My mind off shit with sub tasks and wheel spins.

Don't even try to use My grief and intense sadness as a weakness 🙄 even as a grieving hot mess I am still your intellectual and emotional Superior 🙃
And despite what many l0s3rs think, Dominants are still human.

Amazon UK, Shein UK or Etsy GC


Cliche compliments mean nothing unless attached to cash/gifts.
I know I'm beautiful/sexy 🙄💅
Be better
Do better


Just ordered some flowers, an edible bouquet, a card, & a custom mug to be sent to My Mom in Texas tomorrow.
Reimburse £200
and then make sure you have your gifts ready for the Moms in your life.
Spoil and Pamper Them
Make sure They feel like the Superior and Special Women that They are. 👸🏻👸🏻
And be grateful They bothered to birth/marry/put up with your pathetic ass 🙄🙃


I love doing ignore sessions on Skype lol
I just completely ignore you and go about making My candles and soaps and playing sims as if you're not even there. And you keep sending trying to get My attention lol

You're that insignificant 🤷


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