🤣 someone really wanted to get My attention 🤑
Started last night
Continued throughout the day while I was on a date with My GF 🥰🏳️‍🌈👭
Funded Our lunch/Movie Date & a wee bit of shopping 😈💦🤑
About £400 total in less than 24hrs 💜😈🤑

Send MORE , Binge MORE
Whilst My GF and I ignore you and fuck like bunnies 💦💦😈😈🤑🤑
Send knowing My face will be buried between Her legs and My strap on will pound Her in ways you can only dream of because you are a worthless pathetic cuck 😈🤑💦💦


#fincuck #cuckold #queercuck

In response Mistress Honee to her Publication

SADISTIC & MERCILESS MISS HONEE, my GODDESS YOU are BEAUTIFUL, YOUR legs are the most SEXIEST sight i have ever seen....are YOU getting ready with YOUR EVIL NURSE friend, to fuck me good ??? to twist my balls so tight they fall off ??? to abuse my asshole so BRUTALLY that it is ripped to shreds ??? to expose me everywhere for the pathetic wanking loser i am so the whole world comes to know ??? let me suffer humiliation for YOU MERCILESS MISS HONEE, let me feel real misery and torment and pain.....

See these legs!
See that ass!
See my beautiful Ebony Skin!
Too bad you can’t have this betaboi! But I’ll allow you to look in my direction only if your wallet is fat enough to handle it!


worship my long legs in fishnets while I crush you with my platform docs 😈

This is where you need to be. Get on your knees and worship me. Drop your wallet while you’re down there. I may let you do more if the price is right. #FinDom #CashMaster #findomworship #legs #malefeet #humanatm

After day of legs Master need more $erve from $lave
#CashMaster #FinDom #findommaster #moneyslaves #paypig

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