Listen here fucking losers. If you can’t give me 1k within a week of your first payment I don’t want my time wasted.

I actually really love it when I see a notification for a sub checking out My profile and when I click their profile, they have Me blocked. 😬🤪
Like I am not even kidding!
I fucking love it when the trash takes itself out 🤣🚮
Thanks for saving Me the trouble, loser🤷

Been too busy for you losers lately. Doin my best work off of here. #findomlife

Nothing amuses Me more than deleting msgs from broke losers without even reading them 🙃🤣😈🤷🤑🤑

It’s Sunday Worship you losers. You should spend your Sunday worshiping me. The church doesn’t need your money but I fucking deserve it. $Cameo317

One of you losers pigs book me a hotel for the week with Uber, as well as book me a massage & pamper me!

So, let's see who is the real deal - & who isn't. Which one of you losers want to pay for me to go on a shopping spree tomorrow?

In response Nurse Goddess to her Publication

Winning loser gets to pick the colour.....maybe 😅

Okay losers! I need $250 to replace the spring in my garage door! Who’s paying? It’ll be the best thing you ever done in your life!

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