Sneak peek at part of this month's full moon order
Trans Femme Love Spell Candles
made with intent during the full moon
Scented with My very own bespoke Love Spell fragrance that is also created with intent.

They are gorgeous shimmery pink and randomly dusted with gold mica powder

I need to get some lingerie for tonight I have a date pay for it and maybe you will get a peek

In response Mistress Honee to her Publication

CRUEL & SADISTIC & MERCILESS GOD MISTRESS HONEE is going to fuck me up good until my mind is nothing more than a toilet brain seeking only pee and poop for consumption......

In response Mistress River to her Publication

Tribute/Payment Methods:

[friends and family, no comments. Do NOT choose goods or services or it will be refunded until you get it right]

Gift Card: (you may choose GCash, Shopee, The Craft Central or Lazada then purchase it normally instead of as a gift & send me the redemption code afterwards)

BTC Address: 3DdydmwRxCS8v4CcTCyHB4jTamPaX6VhSY


I live my life in the fast line,
Sometimes you have to pay for it. 🤷‍♀️

Don’t let my speeding ticket buzzkill my afternoon. You pay for my bills AND fines 😈

✨I might drive like a psycho…that’s only because I am one though ✨



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